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Single annual license for Grant Slayer Academy

Get our $18M+ grant playbook for small Black businesses and Black non-profits.

No more guesswork. No more stress and confusion. No more going it alone. No more paying out of pocket for your own business or nonprofit. No more hiring external grant writers.

What you'll get:

  • Six (6) winning templates for getting grants without writing one
  • Twelve (12) weekly live group consulting where we answer all your questions
  • Tried-and-true grant and budget templates
  • Sample timelines and project management tools
  • MOU and agreement templates for collaborative grants
  • Tools for remixing old proposals for new products and promotional materials
  • Tips for developing donor relationships
  • Grant and fundraising funnels
  • Online fundraiser templates and tools
  • Social media grant strategies
  • Pitch deck templates
  • Masterclass vault
  • Post-award job description templates
  • PR and press strategy guidance for grants
  • Grant proposal review
  • Grant accountability buddy support (great for people who need a grant friend)

We will offer this discounted price for a limited time. The prices will be going up in a few weeks, so buy now and have access to your content forever.



What People Are Saying:

I was so scared. I felt like I'd lost a lot of the opportunities that I could've taken during the pandemic...there's a lot of us who are really scared and fearful that we gonna get caught up in some mess. ...So I'm just grateful that you're here -- you're family, your whole business team. And you guys have been vetted. ...I can tell this is your craft and you've invested in it and you're very knowledgeable and experienced.

Grant Slayer Academy Student

I became not afraid to talk on camera, because when I first started, I was totally afraid to do so. So now I'm actually used to it...and now people actually ask me to come to things. And so I've realized that that is the key to before you think about funding and things like that. People need to know who you are. They need to know your cause and that you live your cause.

Grant Slayer Academy Student

Shaun doesn't even realize what an inspiration they are -- they have inspired me to inspire the community. ...They gave me the pieces in their course to rally the community and rally the government together.

Grant Slayer Academy Student

Since we met you, Shaun, we have come so far. When we first started, people barely knew who we are, and now we're on the City Development Economic Boards. ...Just because of your guidance and how to do the one-pagers...we really know what we're doing. We were able to get our apprenticeship program with the Department of Labor; we are a provider for the State of Texas now. And that was just in two or three months, Shaun. It's crazy.

Grant Slayer Academy Student

I want to cry, this is such a blessing. You really listened and you perfectly captured exactly what I’m trying to do. You took my dream and put it into words. I’ve never seen something so well-written. I can use this application for so many things!

L. Williams

I am so glad I came! Shaun looked over my application and helped me understand where I can really help it shine. Plus we found a few new grants for me to apply for - worth it!

J. Bates

We went from a making under $100k a year to working with Shaun and getting that about every quarter now.

E. Torres